MF's Research Committee

Research committee’s tasks​:

  1. Assist the rector, and institutes governing bodies in strategic planning of research and the research recruitment situation at MF.
  2. Work with strategic research initiatives and arrangements for incentive funds to the academic groups and teachers.
  3. Appoint expert committees for appointment of PhD students and post-docs, and on the basis of the opinion of the expert committee, including a statement with an overall ranking of the applicants.
  4. Facilitate national and international researchers and research work.
  5. Have overall responsibility for ensuring that the ethical guidelines are followed, and that quality assurance at the institution is satisfactory.
  6. Pay attention to scientific and educational organizations of the institution’s PhD programs.
  7. Make recordings in the PhD programs.
  8. Develop proposals for program planning at the PhD level, and adopt minor changes in these.
  9. Make decisions in the cases of exemption and facilitation in the PhD programs.

Research Committee Members:

The research committee is appointed by the principal and consists of a leader (normally the Dean of Research), deputy, at least three permanent staff teachers with one deputy, and one fellow.
Feature period is two years.
The Library Director meets as an observer. The PhD Coordinator is Secretary for the committee.

The Research Committee consists of:

Chairman: Dean of Research Jan-Olav Henriksen
Vice chairman: Rector Vidar L. Haanes

Professor Geir Afdal
Professor Kristin Bliksrud Aavitsland
Professor Karl Olav Sandnes
Post-doc Iselin Frydenlund
Fellow Matthew Monger
Deputy: Professor Lars Johan Danbolt
Observer: Library Director Elna Strandheim
Observer: International Adviser Bjørn Lyngroth
Secretary: PhD Coordinator Nils Aksel Røsæg
Deputy Fellow: Nils Hallvard Korsvoll