Nils Hallvard Korsvoll

Doctoral Research Fellow

Religious Studies

Special fields:

  • Ancient magic
  • Ritual studies
  • Syriac studies
  • Reception history
Phone: 22590598
Mobile: 41104587
Office: 478A


I am a research fellow in religious studies, and am working on my doctoral dissertation entitled "Reconsidering 'Christian:' Context and Categorisation in the Study of Syriac Amulets and Incantation Bowls." In this project I analyse Syriac amulets from Late Antiquity to find how 'magic' and ritual practices that exist outside formal, religious frameworks take up and adapt elements from Christian rituals.

My extended research interests include ancient 'magic' and ritual theory, religious development in Late Antiquity and historiography.

I teach broadly within religious studies and in different theoretical approaches to study religion in both BA and MA programmes, and have supervised several bachelor theses.


An overview of total production (

Newest scientific publications

  • Sanzo, J. E. & Korsvoll, N. H. (2017). A New Testament Text on a Syriac Incantation Bowl: Eph. 6:10-17 on IBC 3. Vigiliae christianae (Print), 71(4), s. 417 - 432. ISSN: 0042-6032
  • Korsvoll, N. H., Lied, L. I. & Lund, J. A. (2016). British Library Additional 14,686: Introduction, List of Readings, and Translations of Colophon and Notes. Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies, 19(2), s. 385 - 402. ISSN: 1097-3702
  • Korsvoll, N. H. & Lied, L. I. (2016). Enoch and Baruch: Unusual suspects in a Syriac amulet. Journal of Near Eastern Studies, 75(2), s. 349 - 360. ISSN: 0022-2968
  • Korsvoll, N. H. (2014). The Thing in the Practice : Ritual Artefacts as Material Anchors in Conceptual Blends. Praxeologie : Beiträge zur interdisziplinären Reichweite praxistheoretischer Ansätze in den Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften, s. 199 - 218. Walter de Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-037014-0
  • Korsvoll, N. H. (2012). Nattverd utan innstiftingsorda?. Teologisk Tidsskrift, 1(3), s. 249 - 267. ISSN: 1893-0263

Education and professional practice

2008BA i Liberal Arts and Sciences, University College Utrecht, Utrecht University
2011M.Phil in The Religious Roots of Europe, University of Oslo
2012Research Fellow, Collaborative Research Centre 933, Heidelberg University


2013UWC Norway National Committee
2013Secretary, Research School Religion, Value and Society
2014The Nordic Network for the Study of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the First Millennium
2015The Norwegian Association of Researchers